Wente 8 Hour MTB Race Weekend
Race Details

The funnest 8-hour mountain bike race you'll ever do.

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Cost: $252 per person.


  • 3 days of venue access including a private lake for swimming and boating.
  • A parking pass for one car if solo racer and 2 cars if team.
  • Post-race meal (all other meals available for purchase).
  • A really well-designed commemorative t-shirt.
  • Post-race beverages.
  • Level, tented platforms for camping.
  • Open camping in designated areas.
  • Access to all trails and massive pump track (when conditions permit).
  • The race itself and bliss, lots and lots of pure bliss.
  • All venue maintenance and use fees are included!
  • A substantial contribution to the Wente Scout MTB program.


8 Miles, 1,745' of climbing and bermy-berms for days.

Click here to see the race route on Strava.

: Wente is on a private boy scout reservation. It is closed to the public on all days of the year except during race weekend. Do not attempt to pre-ride this race course or any of the trails in Wente without permission or you will be trespassing.


  1. All racers start together at 8:00 am Saturday.
  2. On lap 1, all riders' lap times start at 8:00 am, and conclude when you pass through the finish arch.
  3. For teams, a rider's lap time begins when their teammate completes their lap.
  4. You may start a lap up until 4:00 pm. ** RAIN MIGHT SHORTEN THE RACE **
  5. Laps must be completed by 5:00 pm, when timing stops. ** RAIN MIGHT SHORTEN THE RACE **
  6. Being mean or unfair to others will get you disqualified.
  7. Technically speaking, if the racing is tight, competitors could race up to the 9 hour mark at 5:00 pm. ** RAIN MIGHT SHORTEN THE RACE **


  1. We keep track of racer laps with our very own in-house RFID race scoring system: Rhesus™.
  2. The most laps accumulated in the shortest amount of time wins.
  3. Results are provided in real-time with digital touch-screen displays located in the festival near the finish line so you can see how your doing throughout the day.


  1. Awards are given to the top 3 finishers of all categories.
  2. If a given category has more than 30 teams or more than 30 soloists, we extend the podium to the top 5 finishers in that category.
  3. You must be present to collect your prizes during the awards ceremony which takes place the day of the race at 5:30pm.