As a reminder, Willits is not Wente. Wente is “in” Willits, but not really. It’s outside of Willits. In fact, you must pass through Willits to get there, and not only this, once you finally reach the gates of Wente, there are another 2 miles of dirt road that costs them a whole lotta money to rebuild and maintain every year (more on this in the next point). SO, give yourself an additional 20 minutes of drive time to whatever your favorite mapping application tells you it’s gonna take.



Like your grandpa after too many pot brownies. Seriously (although pot isn't allowed in Wente). If you are like “man, I’m really driving hecka slow” then slow the heck down cause it wasn’t slow enough. Drive UNDER 10 miles per hour. It’s going to feel like you’ll never get there. But you will. There are reasons for this: 1) There are kids all over this freaking place. It’s a Scout camp, and they’ll pop out of the forest on their mountain bikes like Jack-In-The-Box when you least expect it. 2) Drive any faster and you’ll create a bunch of dust, and that SUCKS! 3) This road is difficult to maintain. Please respect the work that goes into this place that thousands of others get to enjoy all year. It’s an important place with an important purpose. Respect.