Use the following form to purchase a transfer ticket.

​Filling out this form automatically issues a transfer code, valid for one, two, or three entries, depending on the original registration (the unique ID number is the same for each team member in a team). The new person(s) need(s) to register (instructions received via email after submission of the form). The original entry (solo, 2 person or 3-person team) is completely canceled out. This means that if you are wanting to swap out team members, the original team will be canceled out and you will need to re-register the entire team, even if only one rider of the original team cannot make it.

The person transferring their spot needs to collect money from the person taking their spot, we do not collect payment as the transfer code covers the entry fee (we retain the entry fee from the original registration).​

The cost to transfer your entry to another person is $25.

-*All transfers should be complete by May 29 at 5 pm.